post death administration

While the creator of a Revocable Living Trust is alive, the administration of the Trust is usually fairly straight forward. After the creator of a Trust passes away or become incompetent, there are a number of issues that require the attention of an experienced estate and trust administration attorney. California law imposes several duties upon a successor Trustee that must be completed in a timely manner. 

The post death trust administration duties for a successor Trustee can be simple for a small estate, or more complicated when the estate is large or complex. In either event, working with an attorney that understands the trust administration process can make managing business and legal affairs while bearing the emotional stress and distraction of grieving the loss of a loved one easier. At Seaman & Seaman, your lawyer will guide you through the trust administration process one step at a time to help ease the emotional burden, and ensure that all legal requirements are addressed in a timely fashion.

Seaman & Seaman provides a comprehensive set of trust administration services, including beneficiary notification, resolving trust and family disputes, liquidation of assets, managing distribution of property, financial paperwork and receipts, trust interpretation, tax issues, and sub-trust creation and funding (including marital, bypass and exemption trusts). 

Handling the financial and legal paperwork involved in administering an estate, and meeting the filing deadlines, can feel overwhelming without an experienced trust administration attorney. At Seaman & Seaman, your lawyer will provide the expert support to ensure that the trust is administered properly and efficiently.