business law

Whether you are an experienced business veteran or an entrepreneur starting up your first business venture, one of the most important decisions you can make is selecting the right business entity to enable you to achieve your objectives. The experienced attorneys at Seaman & Seaman can assist you through this process and ensure a successful foundation is laid for your future success.  

Business Formation

Business formations have important consequences for the individuals involved in terms of liability, asset protection and taxation. It is critical to engage an experienced business law attorney that has the expertise and skills to provide you with knowledgeable insights into the pros and cons of each structure so you can make well informed decisions. Our attorneys will assist you in choosing the correct entity for your business whether it be a sole proprietorship, joint venture, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation. 

After selecting the most advantageous business structure, our attorneys will help you deal with the myriad of issues that arise when starting a new business. Your lawyer will complete and file the business formation documents, ensuring that the intended tax consequences are obtained, as well as assist with operating issues, managing stock transactions and provide drafting for supplemental agreements.     

Compliance and Maintenance of Entity

At Seaman & Seaman, our lawyers can provide support to corporations to avoid non-compliance issues, including fines and legal action. In addition, having an attorney to document shareholder meetings, maintain registers and minute books, prepare resolutions, submit financial statements, and ensure timely payment of fees among other activities, will provide the peace of mind that your business is complying with all relevant regulations. Your lawyer can also provide counsel on shareholder agreements, and draft the appropriate documents to allow strategic buyouts and protect family interests.     

Mergers and Acquisitions

In today’s complex and fast paced business environment, engaging an experienced business law attorney for legal advice and protection is a necessity. Your lawyer will have experience representing both buyers and sellers, and provide valuable advice and legal skills to protect our clients. From advising how to structure initial offers, to negotiating price and terms, to reviewing documents for accuracy, our attorneys will provide valuable support and assistance throughout the process to ensure a successful transaction and outcome.    

Dissolution and Liquidation

Dissolving or liquidating a business is not as simple as locking the doors and walking away, especially when there are business partners or shareholders involved. Severe tax ramifications may be possible if a business is not dissolved properly. Our attorneys can advise you every step of the way, and will work with you to address current details in a thorough and effective manner in order to design a comprehensive exit plan.